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The Elephant in the Room is Not the Pandemic. It’s Diabetes!

The most frightening statistic from our COVID year was not the infection, but rather the increase in diabetic mortality rates – a sobering 15.3% as reported by the CDC.  

After talking with so many people regarding their lives and health risks I ’m left to say that the elephant in the room is not coronavirus. It is chronic health disease!  

Fact: Cancer and Heart Disease are still the top two killers in the US. And they have not lowered, despite all efforts and trillions of dollars in drugs. Obesity plays a significant role in both. And now  Type II Diabetes is continuing to rise even while the American Dietetic Association continues to recommend a “low fat high carbohydrate” diet!  

Cardiac surgeons and primary care doctors that are fed up with this system are all moving away from medicine and moving toward functional medicine.   (It’s what I  call science and the Chiropractic Philosophy.)  

Let’s take a look at most Americans risk factors! 

Currently most Americans are overweight.  With COVID that weight gain has increased which increases the diabetic risk and lowers life expectancy!  It’s estimated that 1 out of 3 Americans are diabetic!  That is frightening and a statistic that the current hospitalization and medical system cannot afford. Or perhaps we as a country cannot afford the price to take care of the life time problems.  Now if you realize that the mortality rates from Diabetes went up over 15% in one year you begin to see the problem!

So what is causing all the Type II diabetes?!  It’s simple, we eat a ton of food.  We eat processed carbohydrates for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  As Americans, we eat about 16  or more hours per day with most of us consuming a majority of our calories from 6pm to bed time!  

Bad idea!  Really, really bad idea!  

Eating a High Carb Diet?! But isn’t Diabetes growing year after year?!!!!!

When our bodies are awake they are ready for fuel and so are our digestive organs.  As we get closer toward the evening time our liver, and pancreas begin to slow down.  They want to move from a breaking down state to a building state.  When we digest food we are breaking it down to be utilized.  When we stop eating our liver and pancreas undergo repair and regulation.  So eating a lot of food at night means that the food we ate can get regurgitated, (G.E.R.D) and the undigested food will cause inflammation in the gut!  As food sits in the gut it ferments and can create inflammatory areas where the body will increase fluid retention in an attempt to regulate the inflammation.  The three main culprits that cause gut inflammation are Corn, Soy and Wheat!  Yep!  All of our processed foods for the 3 main crops that we grow in the US!  However, there is hope!  

Before I  get into the process of getting away from diabetes and our eating 16 hours per day I  need you to understand that diabetes increases the risk coronary vascular disease,  stroke, heart attack, loss of limbs, kidney disease and kidney failure, and Alzheimers and Dementia! So by reducing our nation’s diabetic rate we can increase our quality of life and reduce medical costs!  Most importantly we can do this with out drugs and the reliance on drugs while we maintain our bad habits of all day eating!  

To illustrate how horrible this epidemic is, a colleague of mine is currently developing a medically based weight loss system.  We have met many times to discuss this program and he respects my opinion.  He has asked for my input regarding the process and outcomes. 

This system has six to twelve medications or more, that are taken to help patients lose weight and keep it off! They include diabetic medication such as metformin, and glucophage taken with glucagon antagonists combined with cholesterol drugs combined with appetite suppressants such as barbiturates and amphetamines and anti-depressants!  Yes! Class II narcotics that you will become addicted to and cause serious heart damage!!! But if you become addicted you may qualify for drug addiction treatment!  Let’s just say the university associated with this program rhymes with “Shopkins”  (Think about it.)  This model of weight loss will cost about $30-$60K per patient per year or more!  About 60% of that will be covered by your insurance which leaves about twelve thousand dollars or more in out of pocket coverage!   However, if not treated this patient will cost $MILLIONS of dollars in treatments for the decade! (ER visits, amputation, infection, chronic infections, neuropathies, loss of normal movement and function……..)

The real tragedy of medically supervised weight loss is that Nutrition still is not taught in medical school! So, how can physicians dispense of knowledge that they don’t have?  How can they comment on a supplement, or nutraceutical that they have no idea what it is, what it does, or how it impacts physiology!?

To contrast that illustration, my weight loss program was developed to avoid the use of medications  and to reduce the patients medication load because as they lose weight there is less of them which means less medication!  Since most health problems are weight and lifestyle related (78%-80%) then by modifying those lifestyle behaviors and not relying on medication the patients improve!  

What can you do if you’re diabetic or border line diabetic? 

First: You need to stop eating past 6:30pm!  No buts. No ifs. No “I  got home late”!  Just stop!  You won’t die of starvation!  

Second: Stop eating bread seven days week!  Go without bread, corn or soy for 30 days!  Watch how quickly you lose weight! Then, save wheat for only 1 day week! (Stay away from Soy including soybean, soy oil and soy lecithin.) 

Third: Begin walking in the am, at lunch and in the evening!  If you walk a mile in the morning, ½ mile at lunch, and a mile in the evening you begin to increase your metabolism!  

Fourth and final change:  Eat in a 6-8 hour window!  Eat from 11am to 6pm.  This way you let your body take a break from eating, you push your body to better utilize fat as energy and you become more metabolically flexible!  

There are numerous other issues at hand but by covering these four topics with you and by you APPLYING these procedures to your daily life you will save $thousands of dollars and live a longer healthier life! is celebrating its ninth year in Napa Valley!  This program has continued to evolve and is currently the best program on the market to lose the weight, and to eat healthy for the rest of your life!  

If you’re having difficulty losing weight, or controlling your diabetes, and you just can’t do this by yourself then call the office for a consult!  As you may have seen the office is getting busier so be sure to call ASAP to schedule your consult!  Find out why the updated program is better for you and how using our “Kick Start Program” you can accelerate your first weeks weight loss!  

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For Better Health, 
Dr. David Eade, DC, Bs, CSCS