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Staying Healthy – It’s Real and it takes Effort and Consistency!

You see the commercials, healthy families frolicking in the grass and being happy and they are all “ectomorph” (Skinny, thin and tall – it’s a genotype). Just Thrive is the answer! But their advocacy is to take your medication, and your shots and just be. The results for that will not keep you moving it will make you like everyone else in the country, over weight, obese, pushing diabetes.

Being healthy is an investment! It’s a MINDSET! It means that you commit to doing things to keep you healthy. That’s not walking 1–2 miles per week that means getting out to walk daily, stretch, do some movements with your body against gravity! It means that eating breakfast cereal and milk every morning is not really healthy! (Yep. you read it here first.) It means that you must begin to look at what works. So let me make this easy for you. Really! I mean, I want to simplify things for you so WRITE THIS DOWN!:

  1. Skip Breakfast.
  2. If you are a coffee acheiver look into how using Keto coffee can help.
  3. If you aren’t using Intermittent Fasting START.
  4. Keep your food at your front and center! An example have more raw foods. These are foods that don’t come in plastic! Vegetables, and fruit. The less packaging the better.
  5. Keep your food Organic. Sorry but pesticides especially ROUND UP! Is Bad and it contributes to the demise of our insect food saviors “The Honey Bee”!
  6. Get checked and Get Adjusted weekly! For the last 21 years I have been getting adjusted almost weekly (except for about one year). It makes a world of difference! It’s not just about pain relief it’s about feeling good, and making sure that you’re body is working at 100%!
  7. Avoid Drugs! Look there is a time and place for medications! However, EVERY single medication you consume has a SIDE EFFECT! The less medication the less side effects!
  8. Avoid Sugar – Plain and simple avoid carbohydrates including bread, pastas, and especially sugars like fruit drinks, and especially sodas including diet sodas.
  9. Consume Omegas – Omega threes called DHA and EPA are VITAL for your health! Some of you may not realize it or are taking “Krill” oil or Fish Oil from Costco or where ever and think you’re getting enough… NO! Take this seriously! Ask the Front Desk for a brochure.
  10. Sleep – Sleep is absolutely vital for your health! 8 hours is ideal, Not 7 ,not 6, Not 5 but 8! Unless you’re .000002% of the population you need this or you accelerate the degenerative process in your brain and body! You increase the likelihood of diabetes and death. You can survive about two weeks with out water but after 5-6 days with out sleep you will die!

So you don’t need a commercial to pretend to see what a bunch of ectomorph models that never represent any percentage of the population instead think of this email!

If you know someone who is dealing with low back pain, neck pain, or is stuck in a health rut give them our number and if needs be “push them” gently to get checked.